Graeme Clark: International Tango Instructor

Tango has been a part of my life since last the last century. Right now I live in Grants Pass. There isn't much tango here, but there is some, and it seems to be growing so, I made a page about it.

Tango in Grants Pass, Oregon

In a previous life I made a page about tango in Queretaro (Mexico). Not only did I make a page, I made a tango revolution. Or more accurately, you might say that I started a tango evolution. With some notable help and support (and a boatload of flyers and time) I was able to start a sustainable tango community, that has since grown beyond anything I could have imagined.

Tango in Queretaro, QRO Mexico

I also made this page, so that my students, or maybe you, or your students can learn more about tango. Most of tango is best learned hands on, but there are few things that can, if not more easily understood, can be more thoroughly understood conceptually.

So far I've got one thing for you: Connection.

Connection in tango is that thing which allows the leader to control the movements of the follower. "That thing" is widely referred to as a type of nonverbal communication (rather than just a certain posture). Ideally the nonverbal "communication" should not be a one way street though, and should eventually include the ability to sense of how your partner is reacting to you. This in turn depends on an awareness various senses in of your own body, and ultimately, your connection should influence your dance in addition to just facilitating the lead. Plus, there is also that music that is playing while you are dancing, it might be a good idea to "connect" with the music and atmosphere around you and let that influence your dance.

I could say a lot more about connection, in fact I did. So go ahead and click the link above, but please keep in mind that it's a bit of a work in progress, and due to recent classes I have taken some of the information needs a bit of tweaking, but in general you will find some very good information on what I consider the most important aspect of tango (Connection).